DIY SawStop DustArm

Make your own table saw dust arm and save a lot of money.

This video along with free plans shows every step in detail.

Required Parts

90mm slip coupling for the female ends -$3.60
(you can cut them in half to make two)

A 25mm PVC coupling for the air offshoot – $2 bucks
(this one had a 1.5″ outer diameter)

4m x 45mm hose $35

2x 1.5″ Hose Connectors from Sawstop – $25 bucks
TSA-ODC-011 USD: $5.85
(You probably could find cheaper on ebay )
(make sure it can fit a hose with 45mm outer diameter)

90mm stormwater pvc pipe off cut – free
(i had some off cuts)

clear silastic
(to attach fittings for the 4″ hose)

pvc cement
(to construct air splitter)

large cable ties
(to attach hose to arm)

A bolt or clamp
(to attach arm to table)

Optional Parts

Extra 4″ hose – $42

Black spray paint
(I would put some sort of finish on it)

Alternative Part

SawStop Dust Collection Arm – $440
(SawStop philosophy if you can afford the saw – you can afford this piece of plastic)


If you have read this far and are thinking of making your own, please let me know by leaving a comment on the video.
It is people like yourself that make my YouTube channel worth while.

I answer every video comment. 🙂

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